small tits teen pics - Rumored Buzz on Russian Babes Nudes Exposed


small tits teen pics - Rumored Buzz on Russian Babes Nudes Exposed

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fresh teen nudeThis is my second adventure in the fun world of threesomes. Warning this is a MMF with some light man play... It seemed like a normal Friday night in November. Posted and ad on Craigslist looking for a couple for a casual threesome over the amourangel weekend, not expecting anything. I get home and grab myself a drink and quickly check my mail for anything new. Sure enough there was a message from a couple saying they also posted and to check it out. I actually saw their post earlier, but seemed Iike it was posted the day before and never got around to sending a reply thinking they already had hundreds of guys emails to sift through. I quickly emailed back and said I was into everything they wanted... the guys to play with each others cocks, then she would join. The picture of her naked sexy babes images (click through the up coming webpage) body was great. They both were in their 40s and she had a great figure for someone her age and had nice fake tits. I was in if I could play it right. They quickly sent one back asking if I was available now, this was around 6pm on a Friday. They were from out of town and staying in the downtown area, a quick train ride for me. Some quick body pics were exchanged but no faces. I jumped in the shower and promptly checked my mail hoping for further instructions. Sure enough, they sent the hotel name and to be there in 30-45 mins. I was on my way to meet this random couple that I exchanged no more than 5 emails with... Getting off the train and seeing everyone out shopping for the holidays, it seemed like everyone was staring at me and know where and what I was going to do. It definitely is fun to think about the secrets everyone is carrying around, locking eyes with strangers and thinking "you have no idea I am walking to meet a couple to fuck that I just met on Criagslist". I was suppose to email when I was out front and then they would email their room number. Just a few moments later the email came in that got my heart really pumping, "#215, come on up. We're in bed." I casually strolled through the lobby and up 101 teen pics the stairs of the old boutique hotel. Took a deep breath and knocked, not really knowing what was behind that hotel room door and what I was getting myself into. A sexy naked blonde pic gentleman answers the door in his underwear, a quick glance and approve. I am not really into guys, but there has to be some interest if I am going to do sexual things with him. He was in good shape, shaved head, pretty normal 40 something guy. He welcomes me in and I then see her. I the bed with he covers up to her waist. She was in a sexy teddy bear like lingerie, showing off her nice big fake tits. A classic brunette milf. One of those who really tried to stay young and fit, but with out overdoing it. I was instantly ready for some fun and they seemed to be too. After some very quick introductions, the man, I'll just call him the husband because I didn't even get their names, made a remark on how over dressed I was. With that I laughed and just started stripping down in front it this random CL couple. During this the wife said eagerly she wanted to watch me suck her husband. He pulled his underwear down the same time I did with both our hard cocks springing out. All of us smiled and approved. With him sitting in the edge of the bed facing away from her, I walked up and got right on my knees and took his nice big shaved cock in my hands and mouth. The wife quickly jumped around and watched from the side. A young man that just walked into their room working her man's cock. A few moments of this and they motion me to stand up, him and her both start on my cock. He takes me in his mouth while she maneuvers to start licking my balls. What a sight that was! Husband and wife devouring my cock, working as a team to pleasure me. From this, we all move up on the bed and she lays down and displays her body to me with an inviting smile. I move up to her and go in for a passionate kiss. Working my way down to her neck and breasts, pulling out each tit and sucking on her nipples. Still pealing off her lingerie as I go down on her, I reach her panties. They are so wet as I kiss on them over her pussy. The husband is now kneeling over her feeding his cock to her. I slide her her panties off as she lifts both legs into the air revealing her pretty shaved pussy. I start licking her up and down, smelling and tasting a new pussy is always something to treasure. She starts moaning on her husband's cock as I twirl my tongue around her clit. She then pulls me up and I straddle her with my hard cock in her face and her husband's next to her. She grabs them both and rubs them together before taking turns sucking on them. Alternating between the two. She even try to fit both in her mouth proving pretty difficult since we were both pretty big. After a bit it was time for a position change. I moved up to her and layed next to her with both our mouths waiting for his cock. He was big enough to slide his cock through his wife's lips and to mine, which he continue to fuck our lips and mouths like this for a bit. From here, Iost track of the positions we got into... basically anything three people can do orally. Both of them sucking me, me and her sucking him, me sucking him while she sucks me. Me and Her 69ing while his cock was in one of our faces (that might have been my favorite part when I was sideways 69 with her and his cockwas right there next to her pussy). A pussy to lick and cock to suck, both right in front of you. After we exhausted all the oral possibilities, he asked if she was ready for me to fuck her. This was never discussed beforehand as oral play was just on the table. Pretty sure they held back to see if everything felt right. He was laying next to her and I was kneeling down near her pussy as that's where I ended up last in our oral shenanigans. She looked down at russian girls hot pics my hard cock standing at attention and said of course as long as he was okay with it. With that he reached over to grab a condom and handed it to me. I took my position and slid right in. After a few pumps I stared to feel my cock start throbbing... thinking I am going to shoot my load within a minute. I slow a bit down and use the mind trick technique and think about something totally unsexy. I had a shitty boss at the time thought about how I would hypothetically kill him. I had a few good ideas going. Luckily that worked and I go that second life. She was getting worked up as well so I positioned myself better, dug in and really started fucking her hard. After a few minutes we both were working something big up. From this point in my life I have never had simultaneous orgasms through intercourse. She seemed like she was close and I was still hanging on ready to shoot any second. Then it came, she grabbed ahold of the sheets, started crying out and her body stated convulsing. Knowing my cock was making her cum, that immediately put me over the edge. Her pussy clamping down on my cock as I unloaded deep in her pump after pump. We both settled and looked at each other knowing we both just had amazing orgasms. He was enjoying the show and asked excitedly and with a little surprised tone asked if she came, she just nodded and giggled. It was his turn and he didn't waste time knowing she was all worked up. It didn't take him long either and shot his load amour angels nude in her pussy too. We casually layed naked and talk about what they were doing seeing in the city. Of course it seemed like naked teen beauties it was my time to leave, as they mentioned getting dinner. We said our goodbyes I headed out never to see or talk to them again, but will always have fond memories of the adventur
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Previous story chain It had been almost a week since Id fucked Sara. I nude russian women shower galleries wasnt sure how I felt. On the one sexy nude russian hand, she was hot as hell and Id been balls deep in her. On the other, I was engaged to a lovely lady, and Id been balls deep in another woman, and that made me feel like shit. On top of those, the fact that I hadnt worn a condom was nagging at me. I barely knew Sara anymore, I had no idea if she was using some sort of contraceptive, let alone if she was clean. I mean, she fucked me bareback and we hadnt seen each other in years. I tried to push it from my thoughts. I was on vacation, and Id been invited to a pool party from a friend at work, I intended to relax and have some fun. My fiance and I got there around 4. We looked to be some of the latest to arrive, the place was packed with a mixture of people I knew from work, and others Id never met before. The music was loud and the booze was aplenty, and everyone seemed like they were in a fun mood. My fiance went to mingle with some of her friends she hadnt seen in a bit, and I grabbed myself a beer and went to find the host. 20 minutes later I was in a huddle of guys shooting the shit and having a good time. Out of the corner of my eye I caught Sara talking with some coworkers, but it was obvious she wasnt really paying attention to them. Her eyes were locked on me. She smiled when she saw me looking back at her. She looked stunning. She was wearing a two-piece blue to green gradient bikini top that covered her pert breasts mostly, but showed a fair amount of cleavage. The bottoms looked to be pulled tight across her voluptuous posterior. I stared too long. "Could you make it any more obvious youre checking her out, dude?" A friend ribbed me with a chuckle. "What, I really like the color of the bikini, thats all." I retorted. No matter how hard I tried, I couldnt keep my eyes off Sara. As guilty as I felt for being a son of a bitch, I couldnt help but hope that my day wouldnt end without having a repeat performance. As the afternoon/evening wore on, the beer started to have an affect on me. I was a bit tipsy, but I also needed to break the seal, like bad. I excused myself from the group and headed to take a leak. We were supposed to stay on the bottom floor of the house, but I needed to pee, and didnt feel like waiting in line. I snuck my way upstairs to the hosts bedroom, and the small half-bath connected to their room. As I was doing my business, I heard a sharp knock on the door behind me. "Ocupado amigo" The handle turned, and in walked the incredibly beautiful Sara, devilish smile firmly in place across her beautiful face. "It took you way too long to find someplace private" Sara huffed, clearing the distance between us. She wrapped an arm around my neck and stood on her tippy toes, smashing her lips against my own. I grabbed a handful of her ass and pulled her into me. Her hand wrapped around my growing member and gave it a few pumps until it had fully awoke. I snaked a finger through bikini bottoms and was met with a hot, wet pussy. She was jerking my dick with an urgency I hadnt seen yet. The look in her eyes was that of fire. She wanted my dick, and she wanted it now. I spun her around, tugged my shorts to my ankles. I bent her over the bathroom counter and pulled her bikini to the bottom. The tip of my dick found her wet hole and I shoved myself all the way in. A low moan rattled out of her clenched teeth. She felt amazing. I grabbed her hips and bucked into as hard as I could without making too much noise. Her bikini clad ass slapped against my hips with ever thrust into her welcoming pussy. It was mesmerizing watching her ass crash against me like a wave, only to recede and come crashing back again. Saras breathing was nothing but shallow pants and poorly stiffled moans as she approached her orgasm. I pressed my thumb into her ass on my next thrust and that little shock was the last stimulant she needed. Her legs buckled and started to shake uncontrollably. She gritted her teeth and tried to keep the moan from escaping her lips. Her clenching pussy did me in and grunted and gave pushed into her a few more times before emptying my balls into her. As I pulled my shorts back up, she turned around, gave me a quick kiss and headed for the door. "Thanks, I needed that." And out she went. I waited a few minutes before I headed back downstairs and rejoined my friends. By the time I got back my fiance and her friends had joined the group. A few minutes later Sara came over and started talking with everyone. Eventually movies became the topic of discussion. I dont remember which ones, but it eventually landed on the Fast & Furious franchise. My fiance was a huge fan, and evidently, so was Sara. Apparently she hadnt seen the newest one to come out on DVD, so my fiance suggested maybe she come back with us when the party was over to watch it. My fiance wasnt one who could hold her liquor very well, and she was already pretty drunk. I mentioned that, but she said shed be fine, so off we went. My fiance barely made it in the door she was stumbling so bad. She went to the room to change her clothes, leaving me alone with Sara in the living room. As soon as my fiance was out of view, Sara reached out and started to rub my cock through my shorts. I tried to swat her hand away, but she was persistent and prevailed in making me swell from the attention. I didnt want to be sporting a full hard on in the living room when my fiance got back, so I mumbled something about needing to change to, and headed to my room. My fiance was passed out in the bed. Shed managed to take off her bikini top before passing out cold. I tried to wake her up, but she was dead to the world. I switched out my swim trunks with some gym shorts and donned a t-shirt. I covered up my fiance and headed back to the living room. "She passed out. I dont think movie night is in the cards" I announced as I reentered the room. Sara didnt look too disappointed. She flashed her smile, crossed the room and pushed me to couch. Before I knew it my shorts were down and my dick was in her mouth. She wrapped her hand tightly around my shaft and pumped furiously as she used her tongue to tease my sensitive tip. It felt fantastic. My head rolled back as I enjoyed her oral assault on my member. The blow job coupled with the copious amount of alcohol in my system meant I was feeling pretty damn good. Too good. I wasnt going to be able to hold back too much longer. Sara could sense my impending orgasm. She cupped my balls and took all of me into her mouth. She bobbed up and down with enthusiasm until my legs clenched and I emptied my load into her mouth. She swallowed almost all of it, and she used her tongue to clean up any stragglers. By some miracle, I stayed hard. Sara reached behind her neck and untied the small string of her bikini, letting her pert breasts free. She turned around and looped her thumbs into her bikini bottoms. As she pulled them down, she bent at the waist her pushed her rear out towards me. I filled each of my hands with her ass. It was such and amazing ass. She opened her legs and straddled me, facing away from me. She pointed my hard dick upwards and lowered her hot, tight pussy all the way down. I reached around her lithe body and grabbed two handfuls of her perky breasts as Sara gyrated her hips against my pelvis. She sprawled backwards across me as my dick went in and out of her wet pussy. She was moaning and made no attempt to mute herself. I started gently sucking on the nape of her neck. Not hard enough to leave marks, but it had the desired effect of making her grind harder into me. I let one of my hands fall to her pussy and started rubbing her small clit in tight concentric circles. "Oh god, yes, fuck me!" Sara moaned, unconcerned about my fiance, passed out not twenty feet from our tangled bodies. I pushed Sara off of my engorged dick. I whipped her around and hoisted her up by her ass. She wrapped her legs around me as I lowered us to the carpeted floor. I locked my lips around the side of one her tits and sucked and bit down while thrusting wildly into her wet pussy. Her moaning was getting loud enough I was worried it just might stir the dead, so pushed my lips into hers. I let my tongue explore her mouth, but made no effort to stop pounding into her soaking wet pussy. I pulled my head back to look at her whole body bouncing to the rhythm of my movements. I clamped my hand around her mouth and thrusted into this girls pussy like my life depended on it. Her muffled moans filtered out through my fingers nude russian women pictures of russian women were still loud, but I was close enough I didnt care about anything but filling this perfect pussy with naked lesbian wallpapers more of my cum. Saras back arched abruptly and a would-be scream escaped her lips, luckily only to be stiffled by my hand. Two more thrusts and a deep grunt from me later, and I released wave after wave of cum into her pussy. I stayed there, staring at her rapidly raising and falling chest as she breathed. Her eyes met mine and once again our lips embraced, softly this time. She looked absolutely incredible beneath me. Then reality hit me. I was laying on my living room floor, with my dick inside this beautiful naked lesbian wallpapers woman with my fiance just down the hall. I got up and put my shorts back on quickly. I tossed Sara, still breathing rapidly on the floor, her bikini and found my shirt. Sara took the hint and got dressed. She went to her bag and put a baggy t-shirt and some running shorts on over her swimwear. I sat down on the couch and grabbed the TV remote, thinking if my fiance woke up, it wouldnt look as bad if it at least looked like we were watching TV or something. Sara rested her head on my shoulders, wearing a broad smil
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